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The Associate Change Expert Community created for you

Our ACE Community

A community created by industry experts, for industry experts

We created ACE to harness the power of expert connection and reinvent the world of working.


Our ACE Community is where you can find leading business strategists, senior change practitioners, & top-tier project talent in one place. ​


As Change Champions who deliver successful transformation that lasts; we know that happy, motivated & connected people achieve the exceptional.

Unlock Your Potential

Live Your Best Life

As a member of our community, you'll be: ​


Taking your skills to new heights


Happier with all aspects of your work and life


Respected for your expertise


Informed about the best work opportunities


Empowered by us & our community of your peers​


Valued for your knowledge and experience

Become a valued member of an unrivalled expert network of senior programme, project, change and transformation professionals

Gain access to quality work & opportunities that align with your skills, expertise and interests

Work alongside like-minded knowledgeable, experienced, & energetic results-driven individuals

Enjoy working on interesting and exciting life-changing / game-changing initiatives that are of real value

Choose when you want time to relax, recharge & get race-ready for your next challenge

Choose the work option that is right for you. Get the work-life balance you deserve that enables you to perform to your very best 

Get the support to navigate compliance and regulation issues, so you can focus on what you do best

Get the tools and support to transform your career and achieve your full potential

Benefit from our thought leadership, training & events

Benefits for our community

Do you want to change how you work for the better? Do you feel like just another poorly supported resource placed by recruiters? The Eight Eights ACE Community empowers experts like you to be truly happy and valued in your job. Join us and wake up excited for Monday (and every other day!)​

Forthcoming Events

Coming soon ↆ

Your work / life success starts here!

We are interested in hearing from exceptional people like you to join us in transforming the way we all work.

Become a part of our ACE community and drive change with Brilliant Solutions, Impressively Delivered.

Join our ACE Community today!

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