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Race-Ready Resource

The best talent, when you need it. 


Ready when you are

Our project & interim talent is “race-ready" to help get your business ready to overcome any challenge, meet complex needs and succeed with vital projects, programmes and major change.

What does "Race-Ready" mean?

It’s where both mind and body are in peak readiness for the challenge ahead. Much like a professional athlete who has trained, developed and prepared to be at their best and most effective for a particular race.


To ensure that your business gets the best it deserves, these factors, combined with our Perfect Fit criteria, ensure our top talent is fully prepared, fresh, and energised or “race-ready” as we prefer to call it.

What does this mean for you?  

Our resource will add immediate energy, impact and value to your key initiative which you will be able to see within the first few days.


By combining our “race ready” resource with our industry-leading 4x faster resourcing, we will be accelerating ahead your vital requirement whilst others are still stuck in their starting blocks.


Also in common with the best athletes, our experienced experts know they need to be at their best physically as well as mentally.


They give their all to each challenge and are acutely aware of the need to rest and re-energise between each assignment to remain at the top of their game.


Just like top professional athletes, our top-tier professionals keep their knowledge in their areas of expertise 100% up-to-date to be the best in their field.


They know the importance of not only maintaining but continuously improving and developing their knowledge and skills so their expertise is always at its peak.

What this looks like in numbers:

fraction of the cost of the larger consultancies


more effective


faster to on-board


faster to off-board

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